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About Me

I became a teacher in the year 2000. I started out as an English teacher and proceeded to complete a second degree in Art in 2005. Since then, I have taught a variety of art subjects, including art, yearbook, ceramics, digital art, stained glass, darkroom and digital, photography, etc. I have also recently returned to my original love of English and taught literature in China for two years.


One thing has remained constant along the way, and that is my love for my students. Whether I’m teaching writing, reading, painting or drawing, my students are always my favorite thing about teaching.


I am also a professional photographer and dabble in a variety of art-making techniques including darkroom photography, stained glass, ceramics, screen printing, and illustration. I also write stories, poetry, and journals– I have a novel that I have been writing for a couple of decades (perhaps I will finish one day).

I have two amazing children who keep me curious and happy, and a wonderful husband who supports my creative insanity with love and patience.

Thank you for being my students, my clients, and supporters from the bottom of my heart. Art brings light into my life, and I hope I can share a bit of that light with you.


Karla Scarff

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