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PHOTO 8/30/21: Creating a Negative


  1. Grades were updated this weekend. Turn in missing assignments ASAP-- it's minus 10% per late week.


  1. Introduction to Photopea/Photoshop

  2. How to do the following edits in Photoshop/Photopea -Crop 3:2 ratio -Sharpen -Brightness/Contrast -Black & White -Invert

Creating a Negative in Photopea


  1. Submit two pictures for cyanotypes. More information in Google Classroom.

  2. Bring items for cyanotype project. More information in Google Classroom.

Translucent Items for Cyanotype Prints-Flowers -Leaves -Thinly sliced vegetables and fruits (on top of the glass) -Money -Feathers -Lace -Thin fabric with designs -Old negatives (film) -Glass objects -Drawings that are made on thin paper -Old letters -Writing or drawing on paper that has been stained with grease -Magazine or newspaper images

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