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Photo Units of Study
What will you learn?

New to class? All the information you need to start is here.  This page is password protected.  Ask Mrs. Scarff for access.  


The principles of art are the recipes that you will use to put your elements of art together into beautiful photographs.

Unit 3: Principles

of Design in Photo


Learn how to create amazing digital collages made from your own images. 

Unit 6: Green Screen Photography

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Learn how to take amazing photographs of waterdrops by controlling shutter speed, focus, and lighting.

Unit 9: Waterdrop Photography


Apply the elements of art and principles of design to images of details that most people would miss.  

Unit 12: Macro Photography


We will explore what it means to be a photographer and what it takes to capture memorable images.

Unit 1: Becoming a Photographer


You will learn how and where photography started and will try your hand at creating low-tech cameras and photographs.


You will earn how to set up a studio anywhere and how to create amazing images with basic lighting

Unit 7: Studio Photography


Experiment shooting in the dark and creating ethereal images that capture movement and light.

Unit 10: Light Painting


The elements of art are the building blocks of all good art, including photography. 

pin_3_Butarbutar_Gaby_Pinhole (1).jpg

Build your own working camera from simple materials. 

Unit 5: Pinhole Cameras

hw_4 mcguire meghan hw1  (1)_ed_web.jpg

You will imitate the masters of Hollywood glamour photography of the 1940s to create incredible portraits.

Unit 8: Hollywood Portraiture


Learn the art of seeing by creating your own photographic alphabet.

Unit 11: A-Z Photography

Photo Units
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