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8/26/2019: Value- Stippling & Class Rules

Elements of Art: Value – Stippling


  1. Turn in Egg drawing

  2. Discuss Art Class Rules

  3. Create value stippling scale


  1. Finish stippling scale

  2. Sketchbooks checked this week


  1. Line & Emotion drawings: 8

  2. Notes on Line

  3. Notes on Value with Sphere

  4. Drawing of orange or other object

  5. Finish blended value scale

  6. Finish hatching value scale

  7. Finish cross-hatching value scale

  8. Practice drawing a round object

  9. Practice drawing an egg with value

  10. Stippling Scale

Examples of Value Scales

Elements of a sphere when using value to create a sense of 3D

Tutorial on how to draw an egg using value


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