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8/28-29/19: Elements of Art- Shape & Pattern

Elements of Art: Scavenger Hunt


  1. Shape and Pattern sketchbook activity

  2. Organize sketchbook – Label all assignments and organize them to match the list below.


  1. Complete all sketchbook assignments. Organize your sketchbook according to the list below.

  2. Turn in your Scavenger Hunt in Google Classroom . Name the file like this: pd_last_first_elements1 (example 1_Scarff_Karla_elements1) Codes for the class are below by period: 1: zc83h3 2: cupa2u 3: 0xzwi 4: uzrbb6 5: dndaax 6: wipdinu


Sketchbooks will be checked tomorrow, Friday August 30. Organize and label all you assignments according to the list below.

  1. Line & Emotion drawings: 8

  2. Notes on Line

  3. Notes on Value with Sphere

  4. Drawing of orange or other object

  5. Blended value scale

  6. Hatching value scale

  7. Cross-hatching value scale

  8. Stippling value scale

  9. Practice drawing a round object

  10. Egg drawing

  11. Shape and pattern notes

  12. 8 Geometric and organic patterns

Examples of Value Scales

Elements of a sphere when using value to create a sense of 3D

Tutorial on how to draw an egg using value


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