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PHOTO 10/29 – 11/2: History of Photography I


We will discuss the following ideas:

TAKE NOTES during class discussions. You will submit notes for credit every few weeks. If you are absent, you must watch the Zoom video to get the notes.

If you were absent to any of the meetings this week, go to Google Classroom, where the recorded meetings have been posted under Classwork>Recorded Zoom Meetings.


  1. Discuss the early history of photography

  2. Watch these two videos about camera obscuras:


Turn in your notes in Google Classroom.  Take a picture of each page and put all your images in a Google Doc. Make sure your name is WRITTEN at the top of each document to prove it is yours. Name your file 1_last_first_notes2. 

Topics for your notes are below. If you are missing anything, look at the slideshows in GC or here. Due Thursday, November 5

-Element of Form -Element of Texture -Element of Value -Element of Space (positive/negative and depth) -Element of Color (psychology, all the schemes)

  1. Complete the Camera Obscura web quest in Google Classroom.  Due Thursday, November 5

This video is part of your homework. Watch it and answer the questions in the Camera Obscura Quest slideshow (in Google Classroom)


  1. Photo Kit 1 will be available for pick up Tues/Wed/Thurs in room 102 from 2 – 3:30 this week

  2. I will be taking a green screen photograph of you when you come to pick up your kit. Please come prepared.

  3. Daily attendance form

  4. Link to the Turn In folder.

  5. Link to website address spreadsheet.


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