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PHOTO 11/30: Photopea Cropping and Negatives


We will discuss the following ideas:

  1. Photopea / Photoshop basics

  2. Cropping in PS

  3. Creating negatives in PS

TAKE NOTES during class discussions. You will submit notes for credit every few weeks. If you are absent, you must watch the Zoom video to get the notes.

If you were absent to any of the meetings this week, go to Google Classroom, where the recorded meetings have been posted under Classwork>Recorded Zoom Meetings.


  1. Discuss Anthotype Project, which is due on December 4th. See homework below.

  2. Introduction to Photopea

  3. Technique: How to crop in Photopea. Watch the tutorials below.

  4. Technique: How to create a negative in Photopea. Watch the tutorials below.

Basics and Cropping in Photopea / Photoshop

Creating Negatives in Photopea


  1. Create anthotype paper and document your process by taking lots of photographs of your experience. DO NOT USE THE PAPER YET. Watch the videos above and follow these turmeric anthotype creation instructions. Due November 12th

  2. Anthotype Print Project Webpage Due December 4th:

  3. Cut your anthotype papers in half (6×12″). You will use 3 of the 6×12″ papers for prints.

  4. Cut the last of your 6×12 pieces into three strips. These are your test strips.

  5. You are required to create at least 3 prints and 3 tests.

  6. It is extra credit to make extra prints and/or try other materials (such as berries and flowers).

  7. Document the whole process by taking photographs and post these images to your website

  8. On your website, create a page called “Early Photography”

  9. On that page, you must include pictures of your materials, process, and results.

  10. Include a minimum of 10 process photographs

  11. Write at least two paragraphs explaining your process along the way. Each photograph must have a short explanation.

  12. Your webpage will be due after Thanksgiving. You should work on it as you create your anthotypes.

  13. Begin collecting TRANSLUSCENT items to be used in your anthotypes. See the idea list below.

  14. If you don’t have the photo kit, or if you wish to experiment, you can use natural items to create your own anthotype dyes for prints. See the list below

  15. Pick up your photography kit at the front office from 8 am to 3pm M-F starting Thursday, November 19th. Office is closed during Thankgiving week.


Turmeric Anthotype with Transparent Objects

Turmeric Anthotype with Negatives

Flower and Berry Anthotypes


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