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PHOTO 9/16: Elements of Art – Shape


We will discuss the following ideas:

  1. Present Composition Techniques

  2. Elements of Art slideshow: Shape

TAKE NOTES during class discussions. You will submit notes for credit each week. If you are absent, you must watch the Zoom video to get the notes.

If you were absent to any of the meetings this week, go to Google Classroom, where the recorded meetings have been posted under Classwork>Recorded Zoom Meetings.


  1. Elements of Art slideshow: Shape

  2. During class: Take one photograph that showcases SHAPE.  

  3. Activity: Photo Tips and Composition presentations TODAY.

  4. >>>If you are absent this week, create a video using Screencastify where you record yourself explaining the technique and showing off your pictures.  You will need to email Mrs. Scarff the link to your video.<<< 


  1. Turn in your notes in the Turn In folder.  Create a Google Document and name it Last_First_Notes1.  Place a copy of each of your notes on the document.  Put your name, date and period on the top left.  You should have notes for the following:

  2. Composition Techniques

  3. Rule of Thirds

  4. Leading Lines

  5. Ways to control a photograph.  Due Friday, 9/17

  6. Begin working on your Elements of Art Photographs, which are due October 12th.

  7. Element of SHAPE photographs are due on Monday, September 21st.  Post your best image to this padlet.  

  8. Extra Credit: Practice taking 10 pictures using the techniques in the Tip Sheet. Submit your best 10 in the EXTRA CREDIT folder in the Turn In folder.


  1. New missing work policy: If you have missing work, you will be asked to stay and complete missing work on the 2nd meeting of the week.  Those without missing work will be dismissed on time.  If you are missing work, fill out this survey.  

  2. Link to the Turn In folder.


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