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9/04/19-9/10/19: Elements of Art- Color


  1. Notes on Color Theory, See Slideshow below.

  2. Introduce color theory coloring assignment:

Coloring Assignment: Use your line and emotion assignment from week one to complete this assignment. If you do not have it, ask me for sheet of patterns to color. Each square of your line assignment needs to be colored using the following color schemes:

  1. Primary Colors

  2. Secondary Colors

  3. Complementary Colors

  4. Cool Colors

  5. Warm Colors

  6. Triad (besides primary)

  7. Monochromatic Shades

  8. Monochromatic Tints

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Elements – Color”]


  1. Finish your line and emotion drawings if not finished. You will need them for coloring tomorrow.


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