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PHOTO 10/14 – 10/22: Elements of Art – Color


We will discuss the following ideas:

  1. Notes: Color

TAKE NOTES during class discussions. You will submit notes for credit every few weeks. If you are absent, you must watch the Zoom video to get the notes.

If you were absent to any of the meetings this week, go to Google Classroom, where the recorded meetings have been posted under Classwork>Recorded Zoom Meetings.


  1. Discuss Elements of Art photographs on padlet so far.  We will critique images. You must comment on at least THREE images per padlet. Use the Critique guidelines to help you. 

  2. Composition Techniques Presentations, continued.

  3. Notes: Color

  4. Color jamboard activity – List the emotions relating to each color

  5. Color Scheme Kahoot game

  6. Find items around your home that show the following color schemes:

  7. Monochromatic

  8. Complementary

  9. Warm

  10. Cool

  11. Warm vs. Cool

  12. Analogous

  13. Triadic

What does your favorite color say about you?


  1. Catch up on shooting the following elements and post them to padlet.

  2. Line

  3. Shape

  4. Form

  5. Value (egg)

  6. Texture

  7. Depth (Space) 

  8. Positive and Negative Space

  9. Complementary Colordue today

  10. Analogous Color – New, due 10/22

  11. Continue working on your Elements of Art Photographs, which are due October 26th.

  12. Each week, there are TWO elements that we will study.  Post your best images to Padlet then to your Elements slideshow if approved by Mrs. Scarff. If you are told to reshoot, post your reshoot ASAP.

  13. There is a total of 14 photographs due.

  14. Skip pattern and add any missing slides.

1. Line 2. Shape 3. Form 4. Value – Egg and another example that is not an egg 5. Texture 6. Space – Depth and Positive/Negative (these count as your two) 7. Color – Complementary and analogous (these count as your two)



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