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Week 1 August 12-14: Hello!

Updated: Aug 3, 2021


This week we got to know each-other better through games, introductions, polls, and assignments. Below are links to assignments and documents shared during this first week of school.

If you were absent to any of the meetings this week, go to Google Classroom, where the recorded meetings have been posted under Classwork>Recorded Zoom Meetings.

  1. Online Meeting Norms 

  2. About Mrs. Scarff

  3. About this class

  4. Art

  5. Photo


Art Class 

  1. Trash to Treasure – Due Monday 8/17

Both Art and Photo

  1. Technology Survey – Due Friday 8/14

  2. Introduction Flipgrid- Due Monday 8/17


Welcome to Class!

Welcome to Class!

Read the information in the above post, it contains Google Classroom codes, Zoom links, and information on what to do when you have problems with Zoom meetings.


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